Starting January 2023

Job Description – Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Duties/Responsibilities:

An Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) may function in the context of a broader role, i.e., law enforcement, fire rescue or industrial response. With a limited amount of equipment, the EMR answers emergency calls to provide efficient and immediate care to ill and injured patients. After receiving notification of an emergency, the EMR safely responds to the address or location given, using the most expeditious route, depending on traffic and weather conditions. The EMR must observe traffic ordinances and regulations concerning emergency vehicle operation. The EMR:

  •   Functions in uncommon situations while remaining calm;

  •   Has a basic understanding of stress response and methods to ensure personal well‐being;

  •   Has an understanding of body substance isolation;

  •   Understands basic medical‐legal principles;

  •   Functions within the scope of care as defined by state, regional and local regulatory agencies;

  •   Complies with regulations on the handling of the deceased, protection of property and evidence

    at the scene, while awaiting additional EMS resources.


Get Professional-Level Training 

Did you know the Red Cross provides a training program based on the national EMS educational standards for an Emergency Medical Responder? 

Emergency Medical Response is a dynamic 56-hour course featuring lecture, video, simulated emergency situations, discussion and hands-on skill practice based on the national EMS curriculum requirements and educational standards.